Towards a European Policy on person-centred digital technologies in integrated care

A session promoted by the AAATE, the SHAPES and SEURO consortiums, in collaboration with AIAS Bologna onlus

Increasingly trust is placed in technology to solve European challenges. A major one is the delivery of high-quality care to an ageing population in a sustainable way. Many efforts so far have met resistance among stakeholders or have to deal with different national care systems and cultures, including expectations from care receivers.
Although the European Union is active since many years in fostering technology in care, more could and should be done at policymaking level.
During the policy session we will present “The Shapes of Care“, a document with recommendations, which was prepared by a European Think Tank on integrated care coordinated by the SHAPES project. It acknowledges the potential of person-centred technology to boost integrated care, but it also lists recommendations for policymakers that have the responsibility, and opportunity, to change the care landscape in Europe over the next decennia. We will discuss the document and its recommendations with a selected group of stakeholders and reflect on strategies to raise its impact.


Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AIAS Bologna) – The Shapes of Care

Malcolm MacLachlan (Maynooth University and SHAPES project leader)

Julie Doyle (Dundalk Institute of Technology and SEURO consortium)

Followed by a discussion with:

  • Helianthe Kort (International Society for Gerontechnology, ISG)
  • Silvio Pagliara (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe, AAATE)
  • Ana Hannotte (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities, EASPD)
  • Priscille Geiser (SHAPES Project Consultant)
  • Marco Manso (Edgineering, PT)
  • Dympna O’Sullivan (TU Dublin)