Special Thematic Sessions (STS)

EDIT (dec 21st)

See the list of accepted STS

NB: contributions submitted to STS must go through the conference submission tool (opening by the end of January) – STS selection will be provided in the submission form.

A STS is a session organized by a chair (or a group of co-chairs) about a specific topic within the scope of the conference. Chairs are invited to define a topic and invite colleagues working on this topic to submit papers.

Important :

  • all papers will go though the peer review process as all other papers and need to be accepted ;
  • the programme committee may allocate other papers to a STS, if the topic of the paper belongs to it.

Colleagues interested in organizing a STS are committing to:

  • define a topic and provide a short call to publish on the conference website
  • contact their colleagues working on this topic and encourage them to submit papers
  • participate to the review committee
  • organize (plan the sequence order of papers) and chair the session

They are invited to submit the STS including a title, the call text and a short bio (focused in particular on their activities linked to the topic they propose) before November 28th.

STS proposals should be sent by email to: sts at aaate2023 dot eu