The Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) is a non profit membership organization and its aim is to advance the knowledge on assistive technology in all its forms and, more in general, to enhance the role technology can have in enabling citizens with functional restrictions to be active, to participate in all realms of life and to have a higher quality of life. The association has institutional and single members in almost all European countries and is part of various international collaboration frameworks, such as the Global Alliance of AT professional organisations (GAATO) and the ENTELIS Network (together with other European umbrella organisations). The association organises every two years, since 1990, a major international conference on Assistive Technology and publishes the journal Technology and Disability.

University Paris 8-Vincennes-Saint-Denis

Since its establishment as an Experimental University Centre in Vincennes in 1969, and its relocation to Saint-Denis in 1980, Paris 8 University has become a leading centre for the study of humanities education and research in Île-de-France. Specialising in the Arts, Literature, Human and Social Sciences, Paris 8 University has always strived to give students the best possible understanding of the contemporary world while providing them with everything they need to secure meaningful long-lasting roles in society.

The innovative nature of the University’s courses reflects its history of offering pioneering new fields of study hitherto rarely seen in French academia, such as psychoanalysis, geopolitics, cinema, visual arts, gender studies, etc. Paris 8 University also stands out from other education establishments thanks to its desire to maintain a strong bond between research and teaching, and its use of teaching and learning approaches designed to suit all types of students, thus providing lifelong learning for all.


The Institut Fédératif de Recherche sur les Aides Techniques pour personnes Handicapées (Federative Institute for Research about Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities) is a learned society established as a non profit association. IFRATH brings together researchers, users and companies who wish to combines their efforts in order to create synergies to promote the development of AT related to the different kinds of disabilities.

IFRATH organises every 2 years in Paris the biggest French-speaking conference in the domain of AT and Digital Accessibility, gathering together about 100 participants from all over the country and beyond from the French speaking community. Additionally 3 times a year IFRATH organises a half-day thematic seminar where members come to present their works about a the theme of the day. IFRATH has 150 members including a lot of students.