Policy sessions

The following policy sessions are announced by their organisers:

The funding landscape for Digital AT in Europe.
A session organised by DATEurope.
Using AI to help people with disabilities on the labour market: opportunities and challenges.
A session organised by OECD and GAATO
Building AT and AAC capacity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
A session organised by AAATE and UNICEF
Towards WHO Global guidelines on the provision of assistive technology – journeying together.
A session organised by WHO, GAATO and GDIHub
Towards a European Policy on person-centred digital technologies in integrated care.
A session organised by AAATE and the SHAPES and SEURO consortiums.
Scaling innovations in AT.
A session organised by GAATO and the ZeroProject.
The role of women in fostering equitable access to AT: key considerations in the context of service development, creative problem-solving, research and innovation.
A session organised by the AAATE Board (Tone Øderud and Siobhán Long)
Our Current Approach to Policy/Regulation is Not Working Well Enough. Time for Alternate Approach?
A session promoted by Raising the Floor International and the University of Maryland