Innovation area

The Innovation Area is part of the Inclusion Forum.

This will be the place for individual oral presentations of innovative products, prototypes, services or projects.

In this area of the conference industry/companies/service providers, designers and developers, as well as research laboratories will have the opportunity to showcase innovative products or prototypes (hardware, software (apps) or services) in dedicated sessions. Each presentation will last 25 minutes (including questions and interaction with the audience). Based on the amount of submissions we receive it might be that you will be offered the possibility to repeated it, to allow more conference participants to learn about your innovation. After 25 minutes your time is over and you will be requested to leave the floor immediately to leave the next presenter 5 minutes set up time.

Presenters in the innovation area will have to register for the full conference. It is not possible to know beforehand in which day we will give you the floor.

The template to complete with information on your product, prototype or innovative service is available in the conference management system that you can access clicking on the Submission link below. (Please note that you will be asked to create an account in case you don’t have one. Creating an account is free and does not mean that you are registering for the conference.)

It might be that you have specific requirements, such as an open space, outdoor facilities, etc. Please indicate this on the information you provide. Where possible we will try to meet your needs.

Please note that the conference organisers are not responsible for the safety of the devices or installations you bring which should remain under your custody for the entire duration of the conference.

Submissions for Innovation Area are closed