Innovation area

Abstract TitlePresenter
Walking Simulator used swivel chair for blind childrenYuko Shimomura
Flex Picture eBook: Inclusive Children’s Literature made easy.Valentín Salinas-López
Standardising Hardware Accessibility: The Proteus ControllerBrandon Blacoe
Assistive technologies for kids with special needsValerio Sperati
Developing an Affordable and Lightweight Vibro-Tactile Stimulation Device for Prosthetic UseDaniel S. U. Tamashiro
Multi-Intensity Lower Limb Training with Optimized Neurorehabilitation using Functional Electrical Stimulation (MILTON – FES)Daniel S. U. Tamashiro
Wheelchair convex seatDaniel S. U. Tamashiro
DigiAcademy: an accessible digital education platformEsther Murphy
Immersive & Inclusive Online Learning Management SystemDavid Fazio
Assistive Technology on Demand extension to Morphic, a free and open-source utilityGregg Vanderheiden
Steering-by-leaning: A Novel Principle for Motion Control in Manual WheelchairsReto Togni
Keynoa Assistive Technologies – Seeing With The FingersIbrahim Cherradi
Tech innovation for arm mobilityDorothée Petroff, Mona Jamois
Low vision headset for watching sports & cultural eventsElodie Draperi
BRIDGe: Non-intrusive Indoor Monitoring System for Frail PersonsSara Comai
Wheelchair controlled by head motion interactionMario Covarrubias
Development of a Functional and Durable Prosthetic Foot for Low Income CountriesJustin Z. Laferrier
Portable, telescopic, cantilevered hoist for patients on powerchairDutrenit Hervé Pierre
Social and Job Inclusion platform for Young Students with Disabilities through VR and AR technologiesMario Covarrubias
A Tool for Physical Exercise and Orofacial Rehabilitation AT Home for Older AdultsMaría José Santofimia Romero
Smart Mirrors: the Definitive Enabler for Active and Healthy AgeingMaría José Santofimia Romero
Smart Mirrors as a Tool for Social Inclusion of Older AdultsMaría José Santofimia Romero
Smart BlanketsFederico Pacini