A tool for physical exercise and orofacial rehabilitation at home for older adults


María José Santofimia Romero, University of Castilla-La Mancha


Performing physical rehabilitation exercises is very commonly prescribed to a wide variety of individuals to recover from an injury or just to address the degenerative effects of time that lead to conditions such as frailty. Furthermore, physical inactivity is pointed out as one of the main risk factors underlying the most prevalent chronic conditions. Nonetheless, attending supervised rehabilitation sessions is unfeasible to many patients due to the economic cost it entails, time constraints, or just the lack of health centres nearby providing such services. The alternative is to perform such exercises at home, in an unsupervised manner. These exercises are normally prescribed on a paper sheet or leaflet or, in the best case, with a list of videos. Still, this approach presents a very low rate of adherence, and it provides no information to the specialist supervising the rehabilitation process. The Phyx.io software presented here is a system that supports at-home physical rehabilitation, enhanced with real-time monitoring. Exercises for orofacial rehabilitation and improvement of joint range of motion are provided. The system is described here is experimentally validated under the work carried out in SHAPES Pilot Theme 6.