Assistive technologies for kids with special needs


Valerio Sperati, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy, ISTC-CNR

Lisa Jacquey, Learning Planet Institute


The researchers will present the 3 technological tools developed, as experimental prototypes, in the European project “IM-TWIN: ”from Intrinsic Motivations to Transitional Wearable INtelligent companions for autism spectrum disorder” ( ):
1) Transitional Wearable Companions: soft, interactive, “smart toys”, to stimulate the social interaction in kids with special needs, aged in 36-60 months; the prototypes of Panda PlusMe and Octopus X-8 will be shown.
2) Camera glasses: sensorised glasses for therapists, to detect and measure – through AI algorithms – the eye contact between child and caregiver;
3) Sensorised T-shirt: a t-shirt for kids aged in 36-60 months, to measure the heart rate and the electrodermal activity.