Assistive Technology on Demand extension to Morphic, a free and open-source utility


Gregg Vanderheiden


Morphic is an open-source utility that was released last year and is now in distribution and installed on over 7000 computers in major universities and library systems in the US.

AT-on-Demand was released in January and is in test deployments at universities in the US.

AT-on-Demand is a small, free, open-source utility installed on computers, coupled with a set of AT installation packages on a nearby server. It was developed by nonprofit organization Raising the Floor, in collaboration with partners internationally. When a user logs into a computer Morphic with AT-on-Demand retrieves their AT requirements and settings from a secure, encrypted vault. Morphic w/AToD installs their AT (if it is not already on the computer) and then applies all of the user’s personal and accessibility settings. When the user is done using the computer, the AT is automatically removed. With AT-on-Demand, AT users can, for the first time, have the ability to use all of the same computers, in all of the same locations as their peers – providing a new level of digital equity not possible before – and allowing them to better compete and succeed in education, work, and daily living situations. And it is free to individuals and institutions, and in deployment in the US now.