BRIDgE: a Non-intrusive Indoor Monitoring System for Frail Persons


Sara Comai, Politecnico di Milano


The advancing ageing of the population has long been a known issue. Maintaining a state of mutual tranquility between family/caregivers and person, and preventing cognitive deterioration through active and independent ageing, are some of the objectives related to keeping the elderly population at home. Technology is the compensatory tool to achieve these goals. The BRIDGe system implements the paradigms of behavioural monitoring and mutual tranquility through the identification, without using either wearable devices or cameras and in real time, of the status of the person, his/her movements in the apartment, the occupancy of rooms and, through a set of spatio-temporal rules, of critical situations (alerts and alarms). Furthermore, through the transformation of information into knowledge, some of the ADLs (e.g. breakfast, personal hygiene, meals, etc.) are inferred. Furthermore, through a set of proprietary machine learning algorithms, BRIDGe identifies one or more behavioral drifts with respect to a base line; the algorithms are unsupervised.
Bridge uses wireless sensors to allow easy installation in any environment. BRIDGe is modular and can be integrated with telemedicine solutions.
The BRIDGe system also includes a contactless sensor for the bed (detecting the presence and estimating the heartbeat and respiratory rhythm, essential for night-time tranquility) and one or more buttons for requesting attention from the person.
The BRIDGe interface is an APP (Android) that allows one or more caregivers to have an immediate view of all the useful information and receive notifications.

BRIDGe is TRL-9. BRIDGe is the result of a research born in 2007 in the context of the relations between the Politecnico di Milano – Como campus – and the social cooperatives of the area. BRIDGe is marketed by the innovative start-up Lyotech (2021), a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano.
BRIDGe is available for both B2B and B2C market.