STS: Assistive solutions for person-centred integrated care

Increasingly governments in Europe and beyond are investing in digital solutions for improved person-centred integrated care. As a matter of fact, most people are keen on living in what they feel their own home with the highest level of independence and integrated in the community. So-called “assistive solutions” allow for a mix of traditional AT, interventions on the build environment, smart home technology, health and wellbeing apps, digital personal assistance and in-person human support. How this mix is reached is the key research question of the session. It is a challenge, as traditionally sectors such as the healthcare and social sector are good in developing strategies and policies inspired by the digitalisation of processes in society, but less good in translating these in person-centred integrated care services.  

In this session we would like to present contributions from researchers, policymakers and service providers from around the globe  that contribute to this challenge and that have actually managed to go beyond a sectorial approach starting from the needs for independence of the single citizen. Contributions could either start from research involving technology development, user requirements, service design, business models or policies, as long as the integration between these domains, fundamental for person-centredness, is a substantial part of your contribution.

Session promoted by the WeCareMore Centre of AIAS Bologna in collaboration with the SHAPES and SEURO project consortiums


  • Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf, AIAS Bologna onlus, Italy

Information: sts11 at aaate2023 dot eu