STS: Building Policies and Initiatives for inclusive educational contexts and Assistive Technology

How ICT and AT can support and foster inclusion in policies (regulations), local initiatives, best practices in Education context

The goal of this session is to gather experiences and create a framework based on national and regional research, case study examples, best practises, laws, and policies regarding the adoption of technology to promote inclusivity in educational contexts from primary to high education.

Contributions are encouraged from all different perspectives, and for this session we are looking for input and submissions with additional reflections on this wide topic from

  • researchers
  • policymakers
  • teachers
  • educators
  • any other contributors bringing their stories

Submissions are welcomed in the form of existing research work, experiences, local, regional and national projects involving different stakeholders, best practices reviews and any other contribution you are involved in under this topic

This session will be completed with the experiences, among the others, of the Italian Association of AT Centres – GLIC with the Ministry of Education, and the public schools regarding the public fund for all Italian schools to support the acquisition of technology in the individual educational projects of students with disabilities.


  • Silvio Pagliara GLIC Association, Italy
  • Katerina Mavrou, Department of Education Sciences, European University Cyprus, Cyprus

Information: sts15 at aaate2023 dot eu