Flex Picture eBook: Inclusive Children’s Literature made easy


Valentín Salinas-López, Johannes Kepler University


Flex Picture eBook project aims to promote literacy and inclusivity in teaching by creating a concept of accessible and highly customisable illustrated eBooks, suitable for all children, including those with visual, cognitive, and learning disabilities. This project offers a concept and guidelines for the creation of eBooks that allow teachers to easily customise to suit the individual needs of each child. The functionalities have been improved based on feedback from teachers and social inclusion organisations from Austria, France, Italy, and Lithuania. It has also been tested in inclusive classrooms with children of different abilities. This project is designed to increase inclusion in literacy by making it easier to publish multi-modal literature for children that can be used at home and in inclusive classrooms. The development of the project has been supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and has the potential to be adopted by all publishers of children’s literature.