Standardising Hardware Accessibility: The Proteus Controller


Brandon Blancoe, ByoWave


ByoWave is a company which is dedicated to developing solutions that give everyone bespoke access to the digital world, and the first step on that mission is the Proteus Controller, a mass-manufactured, modular adaptive video game controller kit, designed using universal design principles, with an accessibility-first approach. The Proteus Controller allows users to easily build their controllers in a way that best suits their needs. With our technology, the user can use a single kit to build over 100M controller combinations. Each kit comes with everything you need to play straight out of the box. The kit consists of body modules which lock together and make up the shape of your controller, and peripheral buttons, handles and plugs which snap on magnetically allowing you to snap and play. The Proteus Controller can be taken apart and reconfigured over and over, so you can try different combos, or have configurations for different games. By open-sourcing the connection mechanism of the device, users can also 3D print custom parts for their configurations. Given its modularity, the Proteus Controller can also be used as a tool to define the minimum standards that hardware must meet. Input devices are the gateway to accessing the digital world, but the lack of a hardware accessibility standard is a major issue in the hardware development space. Technology is advancing in a way that allows the mass manufacturing of customised solutions which can lead the way to help define a minimum standard in hardware accessibility.