Dorothée Petroff – ORTHOPUS, Strategy and Development Manager
Mona Jamois – ORTHOPUS, Marketing & Communication Officer


ORTHOPUS is the first hardware company in the healthcare sector that combines a strong social objective with high tech expertise. Promoting fair and open healthcare, ORTHOPUS defends access to innovative technologies at the service of the human gesture.
The company wishes indeed to participate in improving access to assistive technology globally through:

  • co-design with users, their families and caregivers
  • transparency and fair pricing
  • healthcare professionals’ training (webinars, tutorials, etc)
  • sensitization and documentation to help users in procedures and fitting process
  • communication of knowledge about technology to support devices’ acceptance

Based in Nantes (France), the startup was founded in 2019 by David Gouaillier, PhD in robotics and expert in motion engineering.

First product: an assistive device for arm mobility
The ORTHOPUS Supporter is the first product part of the ORTHOPUS’ range of robotic assistive devices adaptable to all types of upper limb disabilities.
This new innovative robotic arm device lightens the arm to support motions, including 2 modes: a STATIONARY mode locking at the chosen height, and a FREE mode accompanying the movements. To facilitate the acceptance of the device for users, the ORTHOPUS Supporter comprises customizable elements.
Key features:

  • for children from 7 years old and adults
  • compensation strength adjustable from 0 to 4 kg
  • 4 different sizes of arm brace
  • installed on an electric wheelchair or on a table

This ORTHOPUS Supporter is suitable for people living with limited arm mobility: muscular dystrophy, spinal amyotrophy, spinal cord trauma, arms / shoulders pain, etc.

The ORTHOPUS Supporter meets a lack of solutions between mechanicals devices and more sophisticated electrical devices for arm mobility.
Developed in 2021-22, the ORTHOPUS Supporter is already available in France and soon in the Netherlands. This is a Class I medical device and a CE certified product since 02/09/2022.