The role of women in fostering equitable access to AT: key considerations in the context of service development, creative problem-solving, research and innovation

Assistive Technology services and supports are developing at a different pace across the globe, influenced by  economic, sociopolitical and legacy issue. Women have and continue to play a key role in defining and delivering AT services, as well as in guiding and informing the research agenda and in the development of innovative solutions. This session will explore the role of women and gender across a diverse range of contexts, reflecting on both the challenges and opportunities which women are addressing now, as well as considering those which need to be addressed in the future.

A diverse panel of speakers will contribute to this session, and active audience participation is welcome.


Annalu Waller (University of Dundee)

Hanna Usatenko (AAC in Ukraine)

Natasha Layton (Monash University)

Nora Shabani (UNICEF)

Chair: Tone Øderud (Sintef)

Moderator: Siobhán Long (Enable Ireland)